Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random News

Since we have the new Peesh's Pets Mobile we've been shopping for the proper accessories to go along with it. We especially like Kurgo Products. Car seat covers do not just come in plain colors anymore. No. They have created fun, unique and trendy patterns to fit every customer's personality.
You can find items like these at www.kurgostore.com

In other news, I wanted to personally share my feelings on having to say "goodbye" to great clients...

I provide a service to all types of families with all types of animals. Peesh's Pets is a pet sitting business that I have built and run in a professional manner but I just can't help but get attached to each furry, feathered or finned client. When the time comes to say "goodbye" to a client, whatever the circumstance may be (families move, vacations end, pets grow up), it's almost like losing a great friend.

Some say that I have to separate myself as this is just a business but how can I completely shut myself off to animals that completely trust, love and want to do right by me? If having no feelings about losing a client is the way to go then I guess that makes my business unique. If you want a pet sitter who genuinely cares for your pets contact us at www.peeshspets.com we always have the best interest of the pets in mind!

I can't express enough how much I adore my Peesh's Pets family. Without them I would not have met such great pets and families and would not have the most amazing job EVER!! Thank you for making my job one of the loves of my life!

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