Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heat Wave

With temps in the high 90's this week Peesh's Pets is advising pet owners to keep your furry friends inside. This extreme heat can easily cause blistered paws and dehydration.

We have been keeping the fun and playtime indoors (with A/C!) during our visits! It is our goal to keep our clients safe, happy and healthy!!

*PLEASE* if you see an animal in distress call the police immediately! Animals left inside a hot vehicle need help as temperatures almost double without air conditioning. Any four legged loves that do not have adequate shelter and water also need prompt police action.

Just imagine being left outside with a winter jacket on this week....that's how our pets feel. Too hot!! stay cool :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone has a Happy and safe 4th!

We'd like to remind pet owners that fireworks can be loud and scary for our furry friends. Be sure to accommodate to your pets needs during this holiday!

Tips for a safe Paw-liday....
1.) Keep pets leashed. Loud noises can make them run for cover!

2.) Put on a radio or TV to drown out any background noises. "Through A Dog's Ear" is especially made to calm or soothe an anxious pet. In addition, a Thundershirt can also calm pet's noise apprehension.

3.) Over the counter medication and supplements, such as Melatonin or Benadryl, can be useful in curbing a pet's anxiety to loud noises. Always consult your vet when using any medication or supplements.

4.) If having a party, use precaution as doors and windows may be opening often with the comings and goings of guests. We don't want our 4 legged loves to slip out a door or break through any screens.

5.) Keep your cool and hydrated! Leave out plenty of water, turn on fans and air conditioners, and keep sensitive paws off hot asphalt. Make pupcicles! Freeze dog treats and toys in water for a cool summertime fun!! It will keep them entertained and hydrated!

Thank you for your business! We're always happy to care for your pets!!